Alexandre Turpault

Alexander Turpault has founded his company in 1847 at Cholet, the reagion known for its long history in textile production. He became famous for the great craftsmanship in weaving linen as well as for the high quality of his fabrics. Today this french company is one of the leading producers of bed linen, homewear and accessories for home.  Fabrics of Alexandre Turpault are known for their beautiful designs and soft colours that inspire gentle and sophisticated mood.



Sorema is a Portugese company with 30 years of  experience in making your bathroom fashionable. It is one of the main producers and international suppliers of bathroom textiles and rugs. As a family run bussines they manufacture their products exclusively in Portugal. Sorema´s collections respect both traditional and modern style in bathroom wear using only the best Egyptian cotton.


Christian Fischbacher

Christian Fischbacher is a company founded in 1819 in St. Gallen. The city has long been the centre of swiss textile industry. Known for its high quality fabrics Christian Fischbacher receives  prestigious textile awards and apears in trend- books of home fashion around the world.
The team of designers create each season new collections of precious fabrics for fine bed linen, bath and home. Their designs are elegant and inovative.  Made with a special weaving and printing skills the fabrics of Cristian Fischbacher will bring comfort and luxury to your homes.


Le Jacquard Francais

The tradition of  Le Jacquard Francais starts in 1888 in Gerardmer  where  Joseph Maria Jacquard has given name to a unique technology of weaving damask fabrics. This technique has a posibility to combine different weaves and create many rich motifs  in the same piece of fabric. Jacquard patterns are visible on both sides and shine with bright colours creating an athmosphere and soul of each home. This french company produces the most beautiful damasks  and designs collections for dining, kitchen and bathroom.

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